Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. You poor poor man. You deny the deaths of brown skinned Americans in Puerto Rico. You take aid money to pay to incarcerate over 12,000 brown skinned foreign children as you forget who and where their parents are. You sympathize with self-avowed Nazis.  You cut off life saving aide to Palestinians. Do you have a thing against brown skinned people? Or like King Herod are you so afraid of losing power and wealth that sacrificing children is simply the price of making America Great Again?  Gotta flash for you my enemy.  God doesn’t care whether America is great again.  God loves human beings of all ages, races, creeds and social standings. God didn’t like it when the rulers of Israel stomped on the poor, the oppressed, the widow, the orphan, the stranger or the prisoner. God doesn’t like it when you do either. You may be great in the eyes of those you make rich. Your lies and false promises give hollow hope to those who trust you to make their lives better while you sneer and snigger at them and line the pockets of the 1%. I don’t wish you dead.  I wish you changed by the Holy Spirit.  But eventually dead both of us will be.  My fear is that when you meet God face to face your evil greed and desire for money, sex and power in this life will blind you to God’s grace in the next.  You poor poor man. 091518. 

Dear President Trump. The Cows of Bashan get richer and greedier every day. But the reality is that more and more Americans are falling deeper and deeper into despair. You offer them hope by making America great again. But your promises are only a chimera… a shimmering promise of an illusory future. Slowly and painfully, we begin to realize that we are not to prosper in your great America. We are only to pay for your luxury and power. Amid news of our booming economy more and more Americans fail to make ends meet. You gave so many of us hope. But we continue to be beggars hoping for scraps from under your table. News today of the severe uptick in suicides at all age levels. Experts blame a lack of mental health care. Biblically, it’s called a loss of hope. More and more people are seeing “No Way Out…” my hunch is you will never see the devastation your presidency has wrought on our America. You will blithely live out your years congratulating yourself for saving America and being its greatest president. Strangely I have hope for even you. I have hope that when you meet God face to face she will be merciful to the rich man who refused scraps to the poor at his table. 091118

Dear President Trump.  I think your tactics are working.  Give us so much immoral behavior in the name of making America “Great” again and we get can’t see the trees for the forest.  It becomes a blur that overwhelms our senses.  You pander to so many ugly, immoral, racist and compassionless sentiments that those who would maintain their moral balance are overwhelmed.  I have a Christian friend who believes we should give you a pass on your sexual immorality and hush money payoffs because Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy and Bill Clinton had their own affairs.  You are making them richer and that ‘trumps’ morality in Politics.  You practice the art of distraction when cornered, saying “look over there”, “fake news here”.  You echo another famous President who, when confronted with perfidy, proclaiming loudly, “I am not a crook.”  And you shade the truth with sentiments from another President, lamenting, “It depends upon your definition of sex.” To be politically fair, even my friend clearly supports you because like others, they hope or are happy to become rich from your shenanigans.  Like the ancient “Cows of Bashan” they are willing to accept economic horrors inflicted on the poor and dispossessed because in the end their increased wealth will benefit their economy and may trickle down.  Your trickle-down Jesus is a sham.  God forgive you.  God change you.  God forgive me.  08248.

Dear President Trump. Where do we begin. Children being force fed psychotropic drugs?  Al Capone compared with Paul Manafort?  We pay for the Mexico wall?  The NRA makes gun policy for the U.S.A? Your collusion is no longer criminal or treasonous? New rockets in North Korea?  The 1% get richer on a fabulous GDP while working folks everywhere have to work two jobs just to feed their families?  No wonder the unemployment rate is so low….  Many see you as a modern Moses making the Israelites great again. But your lies and fabrications resonate more with the pop leaders who conned the people out of their gold to pay for the golden wall (calf) that will protect us in God’s absence.  Just a reminder.  God is not absent.  She loves all people of all faiths, colors and origins.  He loves people at the border, across the border and inside the border.  And as a Christian it is your duty work out how to love them in fear and trembling.  One final question.  Do you really love the people of this country?  Or are you using them for your own profit and the profit of all your “Cows of Bashan?”  The proof my enemy, is in your actions.  No, I do not trust you.  But God loves you.  And thus, I must try to love you.  Truth is… I don’t know how.  God help me. 080118.



Dear President Trump.  Ask your Christian “Cows of Bashan” advisors who Rehoboam was. When his father, Solomon, died he became King of Israel.  Before his coronation the people asked him to “drain the swamp” so to speak.  Make himself beloved and respected by those who slaved to make Solomon rich.  Treat the people with love, respect and compassion.  Rehoboam’s older advisors counseled compassion and justice.  His contemporary ‘friends’, kind of like Steve Bannon and John Bolton, counseled harshness and doubling down on work loads, taxes and sacrifice for the good of their One Percent.  Scrap their version of NAFTA and TPP. they said, and cozy up to the oligarchs of the day. Make Israel Great Again, they said.  Rehoboam made the lives of the common people a living hell.  Rehoboam sold out Israel for personal gain.  Ten tribes revolted and left.  The Egyptians invaded and gutted the treasury in Jerusalem.  Rehoboam’s one tribe left, Judah, became a vassal of Egypt.  Almost 3,000 years later, will history repeat itself? Will those claiming God’s blessing and infallible leadership run our nation into the ground?  Who has put himself at the center of our national biblical soap opera?  You Are The Man.  God forgive us.  071918.

Dear president Trump. Had a flash today. You are afraid. Almost everything and everyone scares you. Most bullies are afraid. So you cover it up with boasting and bravado, lies and exaggerations. You need the constant feedback of how wonderful you are. If subordinates don’t praise you they’re fired. If the press doesn’t fawn over you they are fake news. You seem to be living life as if it were some game theory exercise. Push, push, push. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Always seek the advantage. Make sure to stomp on people when they’re down… to keep them down. Always manipulate people to keep them off balance and gain the advantage. Actually, you play the game well. Better than most. Problem is, it is a game… a manufactured theory and practice of keeping people off balance and vulnerable so you can manipulate them. Good game theory…. Horrible Christian practice. My sincere advice to you as a fellow struggling Christian. When you read your bible, concentrate on the teachings of Jesus. The Hebrew scriptures were his jumping off point… “ but I say unto you”… The apostle Paul never quotes Jesus… his words while full of love and grace for the most part, are his commentary on the faith and don’t always match the words of Jesus. I’m gettin too technical here. If you do truly want to change and grow in your faith and practice get a red letter edition of the bible. Concentrate on Jesus teachings and practice. It’s a good place to begin. As usual, God loves you and I’m trying. That love will ease your fears better than all the money and power in the world. 061418

Dear President Trump. Your comments about the North Korean dictator reveal too much about yourself, “He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.” First of all, we are not “your” people. We are citizens of the United States of America, most of whom did not vote for you. Many of us serve a higher power who has earned our allegiance and devotion over anything or anyone else, including you. I will sit up and pay attention when I hear Jesus speaking, not you. You serve in your position at our leisure, not God’s anointing or your own hubris. I know you backtracked the above broadcast statement as a joke…. But like many of your self described trial balloons, if your crowd likes it… you claim it. What many of us confess is that our humor often reveals more about ourselves than our pompous declarations. Your humor, despite your avowed allegiance to Jesus, is crude, racist, sexist, tyrannical, careless, and demeaning of anyone not like you. Your humor is devoid of human compassion or understanding, except when it comes to the manipulation of voters with promises you never intend to keep. In that, you are obviously a master. My sense is that you would rather rule in Hell than humbly serve in Heaven. To that end, I have observed you manipulate good Christians, Moslems and Jews (and many others) to buy into your tyranny. You have taken many of the poorest and hardest working Americans and convinced them you have their best interests at heart. History will tell, but I don’t believe it. God loves you Donald Trump. Make no mistake. But God also demands you do your very best to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, care for the sick and those in prison. Lacking that… I fear no number of Christian leaders that prop you up with puffery will protect you or us from the consequences of your inherent prideful ego. God help you. God help us all. 061518

Dear President Trump. The question has been asked if “This” (assuming ‘this’ means our cruel and inhuman treatment of refugees) would be a problem if people simply obeyed our immigration laws. Government separating children from parents as a means of social control would still be a problem. Government putting children in cages and considering it moral, legal and “Christian” would still be a problem. Government using terror and intimidation would still be a problem. Leaders lying about how much they care about citizens while housing costs escalate, homelessness increases, and wages stagnate at unsurvivable levels would still continue. Denying U.S. Senators access to federal facilities still continues. Encouraging the use of firearms by citizens against citizens would still continue. The crass and immoral use of Christian scripture to control people for the profit and power of those in leadership positions would still continue. Our government’s brutal treatment of people desperate to enter this country is the problem. Our government’s propping up cruel and inhuman governments around the world, thus forcing their citizens to become refugees is the problem. Those who make it to our borders at great risk to themselves and their children are the victims of a system our country has developed and aided and abetted. Christ calls us to treat those victims with love, generosity, caring and at the very least human decency. Do you ever wonder if God is losing patience with us? I do. 061918.

Dear president Trump. There will be a day when Americans are the refugees, escaping murderous oppression, begging for a place to raise their families in safety. We will be pariahs, hounded from border to border, denied asylum, left to die and rot in the miasma of our own making. The once proud, generous and justice loving citizens of the U S of A will be shunned by people and countries of all other persuasions. We won’t be conquered. We will simply rot from the inside out in our greed and intolerance, our mysogyny and racism, our self righteousness and desire to bully others. I wager your Christian sycophants don’t tell you much about rulers that mistreat the most vulnerable members of society… the widows and orphans… the homeless and refugees… foreigners and strangers… They who worship power and money and personal jet planes and control over others… well let’s say it doesn’t end well. You who pit Israelis against Palestinians seeing it as a religious war while many Palestinians are Christian. Refugees have little energy for theological niceties when their children are starving. My fear, my enemy, is that God’s love may come in the form of making us a nation of refugees ourselves. That wicked divine sense of humor may come back to bite you, you know where. 062218.

Dear president Trump. You threatened countries that wanted to promote breast nursing over bottle formula from multi billion dollar formula companies. If they can afford any commercial formula many of the poorest water it down two to ten times to make it stretch. Not only are your racist attitudes and rants unleashing racial violence all over the country… you want to con money out of the poorest of the poor to feed the larders of your “Cows of Bashan” millionaire co-conspirators. I would ask if your greed and plundering know any bounds. But I already know the answer. You bring me to the brink of disgust… both with you and with myself. God loves you Mr. President. I really am trying. But the voices of starving and imprisoned children cry out for justice, compassion, generosity and love just as much as they cry out for food. And you offer them corporate profits. I have a hunch God is crying with the children more than he is laughing at your disgusting greed. 070818