Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

. I have come to the conclusion that you will win the next Presidential election.  Not because of any ability  on your part.  Most likely due to God’s warped sense of  humor.

You, like me, have become a cypher, a hollow dupe for very rich, very powerful and insanely greedy people. You are the cypher of the rich greedy monarch. I stand for the dumb peasant waiting for Jesus to miraculously save me or just take me to heaven when I die at your hands.

Either way you and I are the latest stand ins for a human ‘game of thrones’ as old as time.  We will strut our time upon the stage and then return to dust.

Sometimes, we hope to build a better world. Too often we just want to take what pleasure we can as we stumble through life. We pretend we are in control, masters of our own faith, making a difference.

But then, we are white American males.  We do not know first hand the brutality of skin color, the horror of being raped, the abject fear of being homeless, starving, or dying at the border. We set the rules. We beak those same rules with impunity.

Donald, Jesus didn’t come for us.  He came for our victims. We basically have one choice in life. Do we help Jesus feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, heal the sick,  care for those in prison…. or not.

The choice, each day, is up to us. We need to choose wisely. 092119.

Dear president Trump. Disappointment runs deep in America…. America feared and admired around the world? Disappointment. Small and medium sized farmers… Disappointment. Tax cuts… (except for the 1%)… Disappointment.  China and North Korea subdued… Disappointment.   Israel secure… Disappointment. Iran defanged… Disappointment.  American business creating better paying jobs…Disappointment. Obamacare replaced with something better…Disappointment. Border wall and compassionate resolution to immigrant issues…Disappointment. American addiction to drugs… Disappointment.  Booming, strong economy… Disappointment. America’s reputation in the world… Disappointment. Strong, truthful, moral leadership from the Whitehouse… Disappointment. The list goes on.

Christian demagogues cheer your leadership because it feeds their fantasy of the apocalyptic return of Jesus with its attendant destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, the rapture of the faithful, and the casting into hell of everyone else.  Have you prepared them for their Disappointment.

You rule as the “Chosen One” As Disappointment rises, your words ring hollow in the eyes of the faithful.  Your sycophant followers will recognize your rule of fear, contempt and greed does not include them. Disappointment.

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you. “He made no distinction of race, gender, religion, or even sexual orientation. He did not exclude murderers, fornicators or crooked politicians.  When you go before God in life or death, I can imagine Her only two immediate reactions… Love for you and Disappointment.  083119.

Dear President Trump.  You disparage Baltimore while your son-in-law mismanages properties there.  The biblical ‘Cows of Bashan’ reaped profits from the ‘Baltimore’ districts of Israel in the 8thCentury BCE.  Those who ‘oppress the needy, crush the poor’ profited personally while taking no responsibility for rat and vermin infested districts.


Reward the rich.  Punish, denigrate and blame the poor.  Claim divine authority.  Sounds like a plan.


When Jesus confronted ethnically despised Samaritan woman, he did not tell her to go back to her rat and vermin infested home. He spoke truthfully and compassionately. She responded with joy and faith.


Many of us marvel at your use of hateful, spiteful racist language.  Obviously, you feel it politically necessary, or at least expedient.  You could simply make the same empty promises to non-white Americans and foreign immigrants that you make to your political base. You aren’t just appealing to voters.  You are manipulating us, pitting us against each other for your benefit.


Recent debates have reflected our anger and disgust at your shenanigans.  We declare you political enemy number one and promise to defeat you.  And you love us for our ineffectual anger as you laugh at us.


I heard a phrase in last night’s debate that resonated in my heart and mind… “The Happy Warrior.”  Too many of us have ceded our hopes of happiness to our anger at you.  So, my earnest prayers this week will be, “Help me be a happy warrior!!” May God bless and keep you and change us both.  080119.

Dear President Trump. I love my children and grandchildren.  I want the best for them.  I pray for them every day. I tell them I love them every day.                          

You are my enemy.  So, I want the best for you. I pray for you every day.  Frankly, I struggle daily to feel for love you. But that is the command I am given.  In the end, I assume my faltering attempts to love you are intended for my own good, not your edification or to change the world or even to open your heart to those you so easily despise and disparage. 

Do you know John 3:16?  “For God So loved the World…”. I wonder. Do you fear that God does not love you?   Is that why you so manically love yourself?  You surround yourself with religious leaders who proclaim  a harsh and judgmental American God that is more to be feared than loved. Is that why you thinly disguise your polemics of ‘Make America White Again?’  You want to create a clean white capitalist America to please a pure white American God????  

Or is it more mundane and ugly?   Do you just love the power and the limelight and this is simply how you get it?   

You tout America’s wealth and power as the measure of your success. You spend billions of dollars keeping people of color out of your rich corporate America. You tell anyone who disagrees with you to go back where they came from.  They do not deserve your respect or your love. You love America…. but you love so few of its people. By the time you and I are probably dead, 25 years or so in the future, whites will be in the minority in our nation. Is that what you are afraid of… becoming a minority in your own nation…. fearing that your children and grandchildren will suffer the same racist discrimination you inflict on today’s minorities???  

God loves the whole world. Yes God loves America.  But God also loves the rest of the world.  As the Sunday school song put it, “Red and Yellow, Black and White, we are precious in his sight.” 

I do not question your claim to be a Christian.  I condemn your actions as evil and not faithful to our God who so loves our world, and everyone in it.  I condemn your attempts to transform Jesus into the Great Mush God of American Exceptionalism. May God forgive us. 072819

Dear President Trump.  David Brooks observes that classic liberals require everyone to obey respectful rules of conduct. He rightfully observes it takes two to dance cheek to cheek and work out our differences.   You blew that up.  You are a solo tap dancing gangsta. You tapped into the ‘Cain vs. Abel’ sentiment of “If I don’t get what I want, I’ll just kill you”… literally, metaphorically, politically, socially, religiously. Compromise is for weakling sissies. You blew your Republican opponents apart by refusing to play by ‘the rules’..

By refusing to play by ‘the rules’ you’re forcing everyone who trusted ‘the rules’ to play catch up.  Mitch McConnell saw that, changed course and moral compass, screwed the rules and will rule the supreme court for 50 years.  Politically, liberals are trying to play cricket in the New Roman Coliseum. And the lions are eating up any who lament, “why can’t we just get along with one another.” You are waging a sophisticated war while we still yearn for peace in the political valley.

You are  a smart, conniving, amoral wartime politician.  We still yearn for peacetime senatorial knights jousting by day, dining collegially together in Washington splendor by night.
Many advocate fighting fire with fire. Out west we know the theory of starting backfires to kill off a raging forest blaze. Meet power with power.  Doesn’t always work out as we planned.

Out of Vietnam (at least for my generation) came the delicious quote, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I am the meanest SOB in the valley!!!”

Do multigenerational liberals and progressives beat up Trump by being the meanest SOB in the political valley? If so, how do we succeed without losing our souls, our moral authority, and, thus, the election?

In times of fear, we look to strength and security. Trump is cornering the fear market. He is not the real enemy.  He is a cipher for our fear and insecurity. I loved Pogo, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” We work together, liberal and progressive, young and old, or we become lion fodder.

As a Christian, I am forced to ask, “What would Jesus do?”  Each of us will answer that question in our own way from our own faith.  May God give us strength and wisdom and love for the journey. 071619

Dear President Trump.  Welcome to the Cyborg generation.  Elon Musk is close to hardwiring Artificial Intelligence with the human brain.  When do you think the government will regulate who gets an upgrade… and who does not?  Will it be based on IQ? (doubtful because the AI will have more than enough IQ for anyone) Will eligibility be based on race, ethnicity, wealth, political affiliations?

You may try to save your plutocracy by excluding those you fear but once the technology emerges, like cell phones and the internet, it may be uncontrollable.  Oh Sure, the Cows of Bashan of the world will want to keep it for themselves.  They’ll call it dangerous, threatening, revolutionary, or food for terrorism.  Fearful religious leaders will call AI/Brain combined people monsters, abominations, spawns of the devil, half-breeds.

What if we take AI intelligence and DNA CRiSPR technology (or it’s next generation) to unlock the genetic code for skin color?  What if you could change the color of your skin as easily as your party outfit for tonight’s outing.  How then could we claim superiority based on race.

No, No, No, you say.  We’d pass laws preventing AI/Biological people, (CYBORGS), from citizenship or positions of power.  We could institute biological purity laws.

Problem is, AI/Biological mixed people will be smarter than you and I are… maybe smart enough to see through the power games, petty greed and avarice of today’s 1%.  Rather than fight you, they may simply bypass you, building good, just, comfortable, loving lives without you.

And what would Jesus say to all this change, equality and freedom? I think he’d quote Isaiah 11.6.  “The wolf shall lie down with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them.”

Perhaps that little child will come out of your ugly shameful border concentration camps.  God does have a sublime sense of humor.  So be it. 071419.

Dear Donald. For 150 potential deaths in Iran, you call off an air strike in retaliation for the destruction of our drone. I am curious Mr. President, 26 people have died in ICE detention since you took office. Between 200 and 300 people have died crossing our southern border each of the last two years. Are the Iranians worth more than the immigrants? Do you fear what the Iranians will do? But because you do not fear the immigrants, they can die?
So, you fear potential Iranian deaths more than real immigrant deaths when the immigrants cannot fight back.? That seems to send a dangerous message. When your enemy is poor and vulnerable you act brave and macho when they die. When your enemy is strong, your bravado dissolves in a tirade of tweets.
You play your power games. You fear the Iranians but not the immigrants. I wonder who else is figuring this out. I fear you will feel trapped by your own fears and do something ugly.
Please, before doing something stupid, remember Rehoboam. (ask your bible friends…) Son of Solomon, his older advisors told him to be generous with the poorer more rural tribes of Israel. But Rehoboam heard instead the voices of the rich young scions of Jerusalem to tax Israel more and more for their personal benefit. He, like you, took a brutal, “Make Jerusalem Great Again” stance. 17 years of war with the northern kingdom set the stage for an Egyptian invasion from the south. Rehoboam was defeated, made a puppet and gave Israel’s treasury to the Egyptians.
Whose puppet will you become? Will your puppet masters be the politicians, the bankers, tech giants, just your major donors?Perhaps your religious handlers or the Russians or Chinese will pull your strings or yank your chains. God knows. Two things I know. I am not in control. Neither are you. God help us. 062519. 

Dear Donald. I understand you want to use game theory to punish China for it’s tough capitalist trade practices. So you impose tariffs on the Chinese which they pass onto their suppliers who pass increased costs onto us, the tax paying Americans. You do this to strengthen American production. But farmers produce more than Americans can consume so their produce rots and they are forced into bankruptcy. Then you give $16 Billion in our tax money to farmers on top of Billions already doled out. So we the tax payers pay for your tariffs in higher prices and for your socialist bailouts of impoverished farmers in higher taxes and higher prices.
I am impressed. You can then blame democrats for being socialist while using government money, our money, as social welfare for your chosen few. They will then support you because they have joined those you accuse of feeding from the public trough.
In the meantime you try desperately to take away their health care to make them even more dependent on your social handouts. But that’s OK because the rich are getting richer and their wealth will trickle down to us unless they decide to put it in offshore accounts. There it can mix with the money of other offshore oligarchs to begin another round of international tariffs designed to help the world’s farmers and consumers. My My My. Jesus Wept. 052319

Dear Donald.  I think when Jesus said “let the little children come unto me” he didn’t mean you should lock them up in cages.  He didn’t mean throw them out of public housing if a parent isn’t a U.S. citizen, even if the children themselves are indeed legal citizens. He didn’t mean let drug companies charge such exorbitant prices for insulin and other drugs, that children die for lack of them.  He didn’t mean punish the children of adoptive parents and deny their citizenship because their mothers were surrogates.  By what Christian teaching do you punish American children for the sake of their parents’ birth.  Once the bible said the sins of the fathers would be visited on their children to the third and fourth generations.  (Numbers 14.18).  But, Ezekiel 18.20 says the children will not share the guilt of the parent.  We could proof-text our beliefs to the end of time. Many do.  It is a moral death spiral.  Please do not feed your own desires by twisting anyone’s holy scriptures. Instead, join me in confession of our sins and shortcomings.  Let the children come.  We have so much.  They have so little. 051619.

Dear Donald.  I grow weary of fear and anger.  I am dull to your ceaseless drumbeat of spite, greed, lies and hate… your constant pitting of one group against another to enrich the 1% Cows of Bashan…men against women, rich against poor, race against race, faith against faith.  Yes, I am aware that the best way to control any group of people is to create an enemy (real or imagined). Then you can demand loyalty, sacrifice to flag, faith and fatherland against The Foe.  Jesus was crucified by people convinced by their leaders that the “Prince of Peace” would lead them to death and disaster.  You imprison children because they threaten us with death, drugs and disaster.  The trap I fall into is responding with fear and anger. My declaring you an enemy gives you the power to lump me with the Alfred E. Newmans of your yesteryear… fools to be mocked and denigrated as enemies of your Great America.  No, Donald.  You are not my enemy.  You are not Satan.  That would give you too much credit. You are and always have been, like me, a child of a loving God.  You are my brother.  You have so many brothers and sisters, children of that same loving God, who suffer at the whims of your greed and lust for money, sex and power.  So, while others quote scripture to support hatred and bigotry, I will quote Jesus, my chosen leader of The Way.  Daily, I will pray for you and your growth in love and justice and mercy towards all people.  Much as my fear and anger would drive me to hate you… to beat you over your head with the ten commandments… I will do my best to remind you of the Sermon on the Mount.  I choose to live in the New Covenant promised by Jeremiah, that is yet to be realized. 051419.