Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear president Trump. Disappointment runs deep in America…. America feared and admired around the world? Disappointment. Small and medium sized farmers… Disappointment. Tax cuts… (except for the 1%)… Disappointment.  China and North Korea subdued… Disappointment.   Israel secure… Disappointment. Iran defanged… Disappointment.  American business creating better paying jobs…Disappointment. Obamacare replaced with something better…Disappointment. Border wall and compassionate resolution to immigrant issues…Disappointment. American addiction to drugs… Disappointment.  Booming, strong economy… Disappointment. America’s reputation in the world… Disappointment. Strong, truthful, moral leadership from the Whitehouse… Disappointment. The list goes on.

Christian demagogues cheer your leadership because it feeds their fantasy of the apocalyptic return of Jesus with its attendant destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, the rapture of the faithful, and the casting into hell of everyone else.  Have you prepared them for their Disappointment.

You rule as the “Chosen One” As Disappointment rises, your words ring hollow in the eyes of the faithful.  Your sycophant followers will recognize your rule of fear, contempt and greed does not include them. Disappointment.

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you. “He made no distinction of race, gender, religion, or even sexual orientation. He did not exclude murderers, fornicators or crooked politicians.  When you go before God in life or death, I can imagine Her only two immediate reactions… Love for you and Disappointment.  083119.

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