Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear Donald. I understand you want to use game theory to punish China for it’s tough capitalist trade practices. So you impose tariffs on the Chinese which they pass onto their suppliers who pass increased costs onto us, the tax paying Americans. You do this to strengthen American production. But farmers produce more than Americans can consume so their produce rots and they are forced into bankruptcy. Then you give $16 Billion in our tax money to farmers on top of Billions already doled out. So we the tax payers pay for your tariffs in higher prices and for your socialist bailouts of impoverished farmers in higher taxes and higher prices.
I am impressed. You can then blame democrats for being socialist while using government money, our money, as social welfare for your chosen few. They will then support you because they have joined those you accuse of feeding from the public trough.
In the meantime you try desperately to take away their health care to make them even more dependent on your social handouts. But that’s OK because the rich are getting richer and their wealth will trickle down to us unless they decide to put it in offshore accounts. There it can mix with the money of other offshore oligarchs to begin another round of international tariffs designed to help the world’s farmers and consumers. My My My. Jesus Wept. 052319

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