Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear Donald.  I think when Jesus said “let the little children come unto me” he didn’t mean you should lock them up in cages.  He didn’t mean throw them out of public housing if a parent isn’t a U.S. citizen, even if the children themselves are indeed legal citizens. He didn’t mean let drug companies charge such exorbitant prices for insulin and other drugs, that children die for lack of them.  He didn’t mean punish the children of adoptive parents and deny their citizenship because their mothers were surrogates.  By what Christian teaching do you punish American children for the sake of their parents’ birth.  Once the bible said the sins of the fathers would be visited on their children to the third and fourth generations.  (Numbers 14.18).  But, Ezekiel 18.20 says the children will not share the guilt of the parent.  We could proof-text our beliefs to the end of time. Many do.  It is a moral death spiral.  Please do not feed your own desires by twisting anyone’s holy scriptures. Instead, join me in confession of our sins and shortcomings.  Let the children come.  We have so much.  They have so little. 051619.

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