Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear Donald.  I grow weary of fear and anger.  I am dull to your ceaseless drumbeat of spite, greed, lies and hate… your constant pitting of one group against another to enrich the 1% Cows of Bashan…men against women, rich against poor, race against race, faith against faith.  Yes, I am aware that the best way to control any group of people is to create an enemy (real or imagined). Then you can demand loyalty, sacrifice to flag, faith and fatherland against The Foe.  Jesus was crucified by people convinced by their leaders that the “Prince of Peace” would lead them to death and disaster.  You imprison children because they threaten us with death, drugs and disaster.  The trap I fall into is responding with fear and anger. My declaring you an enemy gives you the power to lump me with the Alfred E. Newmans of your yesteryear… fools to be mocked and denigrated as enemies of your Great America.  No, Donald.  You are not my enemy.  You are not Satan.  That would give you too much credit. You are and always have been, like me, a child of a loving God.  You are my brother.  You have so many brothers and sisters, children of that same loving God, who suffer at the whims of your greed and lust for money, sex and power.  So, while others quote scripture to support hatred and bigotry, I will quote Jesus, my chosen leader of The Way.  Daily, I will pray for you and your growth in love and justice and mercy towards all people.  Much as my fear and anger would drive me to hate you… to beat you over your head with the ten commandments… I will do my best to remind you of the Sermon on the Mount.  I choose to live in the New Covenant promised by Jeremiah, that is yet to be realized. 051419.

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