Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Please forgive the length of this article.  Dear President Trump.  I’m going to let a neonatal nurse, Julia Pulver, say what I want to. I lack the words and experience… but not the pain.  This is her response to you, when you claimed that doctors, nurses, and mother’s commit infanticide for fun.

“This is perhaps one of the sickest accusations levied by this deranged dictator yet. Don’t believe a word he says about anything important. As a NICU nurse, I served on the “Bereavement Team.” We were a special team of Nurses tough enough to help new parents go through the worst day of their lives. Parents of babies who had fought so hard for their tiny little lives and weren’t going to make it. And parents of babies who, after they were born, and wouldn’t have their moms body keeping them alive, would die rather quickly.

As these small bodies were failing, it was our job to be there with the parents at every step, give them support, and do our best to make some memories of their precious babies that could help ease their impending and overwhelming grief. When heroic measures failed or a baby without a brain or working lungs or heart was born, we knew the end was near, and we encouraged the parents to be present in these finals moments. We placed the babies skin to skin with mom and placed a blanket over them both. We lowered the lights and quieted the room. We had as much or as little family and the parents wanted in the room. We sang songs, we prayed, we hugged, we swayed… and we all cried.

I cried until my throat burned for this family who has just had to endure the unthinkable. We were in the moment with those families. We took pictures, even for the ones who were too traumatized to think they’d ever want to see them, just in case they did. We made footprints. We put a lock of hair into a ribbon. We measured the babies length and marked it on a tape measure. We made special tiny white gowns and hats for our angels. We created a memory box for these families who were losing their child that day.

So yes, there are those in hospitals who are around infants who pass: they are the Bereavement Teams & they provide the equivalent of neonatal hospice to families who are living through absolute Hell. Babies and children die, it’s a sad part of life. But no one, absolutely NO ONE ever, in any hospital, nor any mother who has just given birth, is conspiring with a doctor on whether or not to commit infanticide.”

Personally Mr. President, I happen to agree with others who have posted this article… ‘This is perhaps one of the sickest accusations levied by you yet.’  Others want to call you a deranged dictator.  I know you to be a human being in need of God’s grace and forgiveness. Please accept them before it is too late for all of us.  042919.

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