Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  I was hoping you wouldn’t do anything more appalling than imprisoning children in metal cages to threaten their parents. But, of course, as you keep harping to us, they aren’t white Americans.  They don’t deserve love, compassion or justice.  But now we find that Gold Star families are being taxed at a grossly higher rate on the benefits they receive under your new wonderful tax plan.  These families lost a husband/wife, father/mother serving our nation.  They made the ultimate sacrifice and you increase the taxes on their benefits? You make them a joke.  Your tax plan made the rich, richer. But it increased taxes on many middle class families, and punishes Gold Star families.  What more sacrifice will you ask of the widows and orphans of fallen soldiers.  Jesus had much to say about widows and orphans.  We Make America Great Again by increasing their taxes and insulting the sacrifice of their loved ones.  God forgive you.  God grant me the strength to forgive you.  Perhaps forgiveness will come after you and your Cows of Bashan correct this ugly scar on our nation.  You sir, are not Making America Great Again.  You are making our nation stink to high heaven.  God smells our rot.  God forgive us.  042819.

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