Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. It is my assumption that the key to understanding God’s love is not atonement… but example. Grace and forgiveness are needed because the example of Jesus showed that if we speak love and truth to both power and weakness you might live to be thirty years old. But someone is probably going to kill you or lock you up. So, we live lives of compromise and grace. To live long enough to do some good we compromise with evil and sin.  What keeps us whole and alive is God’s forgiveness… (Father, forgive them…).  Mr. President, many people do not want to forgive you. You show no evidence of wanting to forgive anyone for any real or imagined offense.  That may keep you in the Whitehouse. But an attitude of “I’m perfect and have no need of forgiveness” puts you at odds with Jesus. That’s a game we cannot win.  We humans live a daily compromise between good and evil. Grace, God’s loving forgiveness, renews us each day to draw breath and do good and live a little longer.  I know I’m preaching… it is my nature.  I am not perfect. You are not perfect. To think otherwise cuts you off from the grace you need but cannot accept because of your blindness.  We’ll talk another day about guilt and innocence in the American legal and political systems. Because Robert Mueller is an honorable man and you are not… you will remain our President. But in God’s eyes, that may be the least of your problems.  God forgive you and me.  I hope you can learn to accept and reflect that forgiveness before it’s too late for all of us. 032719.

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