Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Outrage is a somewhat satisfying response to evil. It gets the juices flowing. It targets an enemy and focuses us on what we value and love. But outrage accomplishes so little. It could spur us to action. It may not. Usually, it’s an easy way to feel I’ve accomplished something without actually doing much. You and I get outraged at so many things. I see your face redden. I see you sputter and lie and spew hatred at so many people. Then I get outraged and rant and rave and spew epithets at you. I don’t know about you but after a while, outrage gets boring and repetitive and childish for me. You use it to run a country. I use it to call you to be a better Christian. I fear we are both failing, badly. I’m tired of outrage. It’s unproductive. It’s boring. It’s unloving. I wish my love could or God’s love would make you a better person and leader. I fear it won’t. But, beyond outrage, I choose to love you. Outrage and anger won’t change you. But trying to love you might change me. If, by some chance, my love, other people’s love, God’s love changes you…. that’s a bonus worth working for. God bless you, Mr. President. God forgive you. God make us both better people. 031919.

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