Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  The last meme I posted troubles me greatly.  As a human being and struggling Christian I am confronted with a painful contradiction.  I feel and hate and yet am commanded to love.  I do not want to love you.  I do not want to hate you.  I would rather just ignore you.  But Jesus does not say “ignore your enemies.”  He does not even say ignore anyone.  So, I am stuck with an honest emotion.  I hate you… who you are… what you have done… all the lies, your racism and misogyny.  But as a child of a loving God I am called to love you.  As you and I both know… hate is easy.  Loving those you like or admire is easy.  Loving someone you hate… seems almost un-American.  It reeks of ignorance and duplicity to modern ears. It makes us vulnerable to so many evil people in the world. Like you, I want to protect those I love already, my family, my friends, my neighbors and others ‘like me.’  I fear so many things and people.  Let me ask you… what kind of God commands you to love those you hate and fear? Obviously, there is more to life than self-protection, racial purity, ethnic cleansing and sexual dominance.  There is more to being faithful to God than power and control over others.  May God help us both as we struggle to love – even those we hate.  It is so difficult. 031219.

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