Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump…  You know Frank Bruni… he writes for one of your favorite newspapers, The New York Times.  Recently he mentioned my church, The United Methodist Church.  Just this week my church reaffirmed its hatred of LGBTQ people by declaring them incompatible with Christian teaching.  The vote was close but love and grace lost to hatred, bigotry and self-righteousness.  Inside the church, we are still reeling or celebrating depending on our love of Christ and one another.  Outside the church Mr. Bruni observes, “And religion arguably remains a hostile frontier: not all faiths and denominations, but too many of them. They say they have no choice. They quote scripture. But they do so selectively, picking and choosing what to take literally and what not to, and their interpretations are open to dispute.And what of love? What of empathy? Why so much forgiveness for so many other people who run afoul of traditional religious teachings, so long as those people are heterosexual? Donald Trump commands the loyalty of many conservative Christians, who stay mum about his transgressions even as they scold L.G.B.T. people. That’s more than a double standard. That’s a travesty.”  So, we are a travesty… You for promoting, and me for not doing enough to prevent the legalized hatred and ostracization of human beings from society and the Christian community.  May God bless your efforts to bring a peaceful resolution to threats in southeast Asia.  Hurry home. While you pander for a Nobel Prize, we are tearing each other apart… and celebrating our meanness.  As usual… God forgive us.  022719

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