Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  Kudos to the Border Patrol agents, reported on by your ‘fake news’ outlets.  They showed great compassion towards children at the border.  But then, that’s the problem.  I am the son of a journalist who prized truthfulness and integrity above all else… He despised liars and self-serving politicians.  Like you, he despised “Fake News.’  So, when I read the article about generous and compassionate Border Patrol Agents in the ‘Fake News’ forums, is that “Fake News” too? Or, does news you agree with, even written by the press you call “Enemy of the People” become ‘unfake’ whenever you declare it.  Jesus declared, if we continue in his word, we shall know the truth and the truth will make us free.’  What I know for sure is, You will not make me free.  Congress will not make me free.  Nor will money, sex or power.  These things enslave.  I’m getting preachy, I know.  Sorry, it’s in my blood.  One thing I have learned is, ‘we believe what we want to believe.’  Facts be damned.  Truth is debatable.  In the end, the heart rules.  Where is your heart, my enemy?  I admit, you are a master of making people want to believe you. It doesn’t make you right, or truthful, or great… just convincing.  Kudos.  But also, warning… We followers of ‘The Way’ play a long game.  While we honor truth wherever we find it, we too are wary of ‘Fake News’.  Please know that we evaluate your words and actions by the words of Jesus.  Sadly, your words and actions too often fall into God’s definition of “Fake News”.  God forgive us.  022319

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