Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear president Trump. 41 children under government ‘protection’ in Guatamala die screaming in a fire behind locked doors of a building ostensibly guarded by soldiers under orders to ‘protect’ them. Too late the captors poured water over the door handles because they were too hot. But by then most of the screaming had died down because most of the children were already dead. These are the people traveling thousands of miles seeking our protection from cruel and inhuman governments. The horrible truth is our Great American Government props up these monsters. Your solution to the threat of children Jesus says we should welcome… ”Build the Wall”. “Lock ‘em Up”. “Send the back.” “Lose them in our prison camps.” May God have mercy on your soul and the souls of those who will not see the horror of their plight and our role both passively and actively in the deaths of these and other children. The lack of compassion expressed by you and so many leaders of this “Great Nation” in their greedy self-centered desire to wall out the problems of the world by patriotically crying ME. ME. ME…. is sickening. On top of that, when compromise is offered, you take money from necessary programs designed to keep us “Great”!!! How petty and small can you get. The only “Emergency” is in your own heart. God forgive you. 021519

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