Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear Donald. The politics and religion of fear work wonderfully until people wake up one day and realize there’s nothing to be afraid of…or worse, they’ve been afraid of the wrong things. Christian elders have prattled on about million dollar jets, xenophobic communities based on wealth, race and sex, and fear of “not us” for too long. Younger generations begin to see the church, not as a beacon on the hill, lighting our way to a better life of liberty and justice for all. No, the church and therefore Jesus stand for hatred, bigotry, greed, intolerance and banishment of anything “not us”. The church of Jesus who said, “let the little children come unto me” becomes the church of “lock ’em up.” So, we rip the stranger’s children from their families and lose them in ‘the system.’ We denigrate, abuse and rape women because they ‘do not know their place.’ Do you really think the American youth of today do not see the hypocrisy of so-called disciples of a semitic middle eastern savior, Jesus, claiming that same Jesus exclusively for their white, ‘doesn’t look or act exactly like us’ ‘get the hell out or MY country’ selves??? Yes, your fear mongering will work for a while on many of us. But there’s an expiration date on fear. Like any beast it must be constantly fed. Increasingly, the people of our great country will wise up, and realize the menu of intolerance, racism, homophobia and sexual repression is poisonous to our union. I only hope it happens in time for God to save our union. 020919

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