Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear Donald.   As a self-professed Christian, I am sure you are at least passingly familiar with the Sermon on the Mount.  Many experts say it was a compilation of several sermons. Others say it was actually longer and this was a distillation of a two or three day discourse.  You should read it sometime again.  This time however, read it to the end.  At the very end is the kicker.  “Anyone who hears the words of mine, and does them, is wise…. Anyone that hears and does not act, is a fool….”  That’s our problem.  We hear the words.  We know the words.  But we fail to act on them.  Jesus had a special place in his heart for children.  Many of us do.  Your failure to protect the children in your custody… to separate them from their parents… and then to lose them in the system…. is an act of barbaric cruelty. We have seen your caring and protective love for your own children.  Why, so many of us ask, can you not love and care for the children of the poor, the minorities, the refugees.  Why instead, do you use them as pawns in your political games.  Even more abhorrent, you convince your followers to share your cruelty and failure to act with love and compassion.  You pit them against one another.  You act with malice and cruelty for political gain.  Yes, you’re a politician.  But that is not an excuse… it is actually the best reason to care… to love… to act according to the teachings of the one you claim to be a disciple of. 020819

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