Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear Donald.  Mixed reviews on your speech tonight… didn’t expect much besides politics at its best and worst.  Your friends praised it.  Your enemies panned it.  Most of us wait to see how your words and actions affect us.  In the end, the game of politics is fascinating on both a national and local level.  But, of course, what counts is what you are doing to me and mine and those I care about. Like you, I care about a lot of people. I care about vulnerable humans, minorities, those you oppress, denigrate, disparage and marginalize.  Try reading Matthew chapter 5.  It’s called the beatitudes. It keeps saying “Blessed are…” and you know what…  no blessings for politicians, priests, or lawyers as a group.  No blessings for the rich and influential, the liars and cheaters, the swindlers and racists, the vain and the haughty.  No blessings for those too proud to ask forgiveness, unwilling to change their actions.  My prayer is that you grow out of the need to constantly feed your ego.  I pray you grow into the office of President with grace and compassion.  May we both know and do God’s will.  020619.

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