Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear Donald.  I must admire your dedication to the tenets of “Game Theory.”  However, I am losing faith in your ability to master the technique.  A line from the movie “Jesus Christ Superstar” is a poignant critique.  “You’d have managed better if you’d had it planned.” Jesus had it all planned.  But the plan as it unfolded, included his tortuous death by crucifixion.  How much are you really willing to personally sacrifice for your love of the American people. Big Macs in the White House hardly qualify as sacrifice.  Your people, especially our government workers, sacrificed for your game plan. Wilbur Ross has no conception of the cost in suffering of your “game plan.”  The gold-plated bathroom fixtures in your private jet scream your indifference to real suffering brought about by your games.  It really is just a game for you and your other one-percenters.  You may indeed be a master game player, strategist and manipulator.  My fear is that your ego and your prideful manipulations are not just against fake news, Democrats, and minorities.  You aren’t just fooling your ardent followers.  My fear is you are trying to ‘Game’ God.  Be careful, my President and my enemy.  Unlike your gods of hate, intolerance and bigotry, the God of Love and Grace and Mercy plays a very long game…. and she hasn’t lost yet. 012519

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