Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear Donald.  Matthew records Jesus’ first sermon being, “Repent for the Kingdom Heaven has come near.”  My problem has never been, having things to repent.  Nor has it been the actual repenting….  I trust God’s grace and forgiveness and love enough to keep coming back for more.  No matter how hard I try, I always fall short.  We all do. But over the years I grow and learn and hopefully do better day by day.  One key to that is having people around me who care enough to call me to account… people who aren’t afraid to tell me I’ve screwed up and need to change and do better. I am afraid you do not have people like that or that you don’t listen to them.  I wonder, what is it like to have advisors who want to profit from you, gain power and wealth from you?  Do you always have to question their motives?  Are you afraid your supporters only love and support you for what they can get from you?  Is your game theory of life that of a cold and calculating bully?  Behind all the bravado, is there simply fear?  I vacillate between anger at you and feeling sorry for you. Too often, I fear my anger and disgust of so many of your actions.    I try to remember Jesus’ words… “Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is near.”  A reminder to both of us my President that despite all appearances, we live in the Kingdom of Heaven… and our time on earth will end.  My prayer is that God bless us and keep us and make us better day by day.  012019.

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