Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Tear Gas????  I am undone. The most powerful person in the world is afraid of poor, terrorized, non-white parents and children.  Rather than deal with them fairly, justly, legally…. you gas them.  Does your fear know no end?  With all your millions and your 1% friends with their billions… you fear people legally seeking asylum.  Your America is not great.  It’s a gated community of frightened, spoiled, rich people hiding behind their walls. The Cows of Bashan have nothing on you. King Herod also knew fear around this season two millennia ago.  A child, from the backwater of Galilee, born in a barn in Bethlehem, scared him to death. Herod slaughtered an entire community of children because he feared a baby.  You, of course, are civilized.  You just gas them.  Like you, Herod got rid of people because he feared them.  Like you, Herod relied on sycophant priests and soothsayers of his day to bolster his ego and plot the future.  Like you, Herod divorced his wife to marry another and another and another. Like you, Herod built a high walled edifice, Masada, to hide behind and keep the riff raff out.  Like you, Herod abandoned God in favor of personal power and greed.  Question… Like you, Herod had many chances to repent of his evil actions and care for all people.  Herod refused to be just and loving and compassionate in his dealings with his own citizens and foreigners.  Herod made his choice.  What will you choose?  112918.

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