Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Thirty pieces of silver.  That was the price paid Judas to betray Jesus.  No, Judas did not kill Jesus.  I don’t believe he even hated Jesus.  He might even have been trying to prod Jesus into acting against the establishment.   But he made a deal with powerful people to sell out a powerful communicator, a trouble maker, an outsider.  You sold out Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi.  For so much more than 30 pieces of silver you put a price on the head of every journalist you ever disagreed with.  If the price is right, any journalist that any demagogue disagrees with, is fair game.  My father was a journalist.  A staunch conservative Republican, he hated corruption, greedy politicians and moral turpitude of any kind.  Fearlessly, he challenged greedy people and evil institutions regardless of their importance or value.  For his efforts, he endured criticism, ridicule and threats.  But he trusted his government and its institutions of justice to have his back.  You have destroyed that trust for anyone who might criticize you or your friends.  You have established the price for dictators everywhere to silence their critics.  Worse, you have given them permission to do just what you have done. You have sold out the 1stAmendment of our American constitution because you fear losing the ephemeral friendship and patronage of a foreign country. God forgive you.  I’m trying, but it is so very hard. 112218,

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