Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. An armed security guard saved patrons of a club from a gunman by shooting at him, chasing him, and tackling the shooter.  Police arrived on the scene.  The shooter was white. The guard subduing the shooter was black.  The police shot and killed the black security guard.  Patrons tried to explain the guard was the hero. The shooter was taken into custody without injury.  And you want to arm untrained teachers, preachers and other civilians to meet out justice against gunmen bent on mass murder.  How dumb do you think we are?  You and the NRA are just painting a target on our backs, saying “Shoot me first.”  Jesus had an amazing comment on situations like this, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”  That may not work for you because I assume you expect others to lie, cheat and steal from you as you do from them.  But most Americans expect to be treated with fairness, justice, kindness and yes, at times forgiveness and mercy.  We therefore teach our children to act accordingly.  God forgive you for turning neighbors into enemies because of the color of their skin, their poverty or their gender.  God forgive you for encouraging racism, misogyny, and solving problems with guns and anger and hatred.  In my anger I would have you treated with the same vileness and disdain and ugliness you perpetrate on others.  I would have God do unto you what you have done to others.  But God will continue to love you and forgive you and set you on a better path.  I pray it happens soon.  11.14.18

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