Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Thank you. As a white middle class pastor I was raised on a theology of the coming “Kingdom of God”. My more conservative friends saw this as a supernatural experience, including variations such as: rapture, lakes of fire, angels battling demons and Christ returning earth to on a mighty steed to punish the evil, reward the faithful and rule forever on earth and in heaven. More sedate protestants simply expected they would rationally convince everyone to bring about the “Reign of God” on earth. Both sides kind of expected to wrap things up by the year 2000. One student gathering in the 1950’s had a huge banner proclaiming, “Hang On Jesus, Here We Come!!!” Took me far too long to get over everyone’s triumphalist gibberish. Oh, I childishly continued to hope we could draw things to a successful religious conclusion in my lifetime. But, alas, you have cured me of that fantasy. Your too successful championing of racism, sexism, misogyny, lust, greed, the desire for power, fear of “The Other” (the list goes on and on) has convinced me that Pollyanna had nothing on me. Instead, as I approach the completion of my seventh decade on this planet that God declared “GOOD” at creation… I find myself driven to the most fearful words of your and my Lord, “Take up your cross, and follow me.” So be it. 110818.

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