Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Good people can make any system run well.  Bad people can destroy the best of systems. That’s why politics is so personal.   Some think you’re good and love you. Some think you are evil and hate you…. because it’s not the system, but the people that count.  I have been in democratic countries, socialist countries, communist countries, dictatorships, monarchies and anarchies. Some of each have worked wonderfully for the people. Some of each have been cruel and perverse abominations. All of history tells similar stories. It is the character of the people and the leaders that produce justice, prosperity and well being for all people instead of just the rich and powerful classes. As a former prosecutor I have seen justice carved out of horrible legal dilemmas and I have witnessed people destroyed by miscarriages of the legal system we live under. I have witnessed my government act with nobility, grace and bountiful generosity…. and I have seen pettiness, greed and needless pain inflicted on innocents by that same government.  I do not believe God cares one whit about our lofty ideas or grandiose promises or the minutia of our government. God cares about our actions. Are we using our government our laws and our patriotism to care for all people or just the select few. Inquiring people want to know. God wants to know.  You talk a grand game my enemy. But people are beginning to laugh at you to your face. God help you, and all of us, if your talk is just hot air. 093018.

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