Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. You poor poor man. You deny the deaths of brown skinned Americans in Puerto Rico. You take aid money to pay to incarcerate over 12,000 brown skinned foreign children as you forget who and where their parents are. You sympathize with self-avowed Nazis.  You cut off life saving aide to Palestinians. Do you have a thing against brown skinned people? Or like King Herod are you so afraid of losing power and wealth that sacrificing children is simply the price of making America Great Again?  Gotta flash for you my enemy.  God doesn’t care whether America is great again.  God loves human beings of all ages, races, creeds and social standings. God didn’t like it when the rulers of Israel stomped on the poor, the oppressed, the widow, the orphan, the stranger or the prisoner. God doesn’t like it when you do either. You may be great in the eyes of those you make rich. Your lies and false promises give hollow hope to those who trust you to make their lives better while you sneer and snigger at them and line the pockets of the 1%. I don’t wish you dead.  I wish you changed by the Holy Spirit.  But eventually dead both of us will be.  My fear is that when you meet God face to face your evil greed and desire for money, sex and power in this life will blind you to God’s grace in the next.  You poor poor man. 091518. 

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