Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. The Cows of Bashan get richer and greedier every day. But the reality is that more and more Americans are falling deeper and deeper into despair. You offer them hope by making America great again. But your promises are only a chimera… a shimmering promise of an illusory future. Slowly and painfully, we begin to realize that we are not to prosper in your great America. We are only to pay for your luxury and power. Amid news of our booming economy more and more Americans fail to make ends meet. You gave so many of us hope. But we continue to be beggars hoping for scraps from under your table. News today of the severe uptick in suicides at all age levels. Experts blame a lack of mental health care. Biblically, it’s called a loss of hope. More and more people are seeing “No Way Out…” my hunch is you will never see the devastation your presidency has wrought on our America. You will blithely live out your years congratulating yourself for saving America and being its greatest president. Strangely I have hope for even you. I have hope that when you meet God face to face she will be merciful to the rich man who refused scraps to the poor at his table. 091118

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