Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Where do we begin. Children being force fed psychotropic drugs?  Al Capone compared with Paul Manafort?  We pay for the Mexico wall?  The NRA makes gun policy for the U.S.A? Your collusion is no longer criminal or treasonous? New rockets in North Korea?  The 1% get richer on a fabulous GDP while working folks everywhere have to work two jobs just to feed their families?  No wonder the unemployment rate is so low….  Many see you as a modern Moses making the Israelites great again. But your lies and fabrications resonate more with the pop leaders who conned the people out of their gold to pay for the golden wall (calf) that will protect us in God’s absence.  Just a reminder.  God is not absent.  She loves all people of all faiths, colors and origins.  He loves people at the border, across the border and inside the border.  And as a Christian it is your duty work out how to love them in fear and trembling.  One final question.  Do you really love the people of this country?  Or are you using them for your own profit and the profit of all your “Cows of Bashan?”  The proof my enemy, is in your actions.  No, I do not trust you.  But God loves you.  And thus, I must try to love you.  Truth is… I don’t know how.  God help me. 080118.



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