Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  Ask your Christian “Cows of Bashan” advisors who Rehoboam was. When his father, Solomon, died he became King of Israel.  Before his coronation the people asked him to “drain the swamp” so to speak.  Make himself beloved and respected by those who slaved to make Solomon rich.  Treat the people with love, respect and compassion.  Rehoboam’s older advisors counseled compassion and justice.  His contemporary ‘friends’, kind of like Steve Bannon and John Bolton, counseled harshness and doubling down on work loads, taxes and sacrifice for the good of their One Percent.  Scrap their version of NAFTA and TPP. they said, and cozy up to the oligarchs of the day. Make Israel Great Again, they said.  Rehoboam made the lives of the common people a living hell.  Rehoboam sold out Israel for personal gain.  Ten tribes revolted and left.  The Egyptians invaded and gutted the treasury in Jerusalem.  Rehoboam’s one tribe left, Judah, became a vassal of Egypt.  Almost 3,000 years later, will history repeat itself? Will those claiming God’s blessing and infallible leadership run our nation into the ground?  Who has put himself at the center of our national biblical soap opera?  You Are The Man.  God forgive us.  071918.

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