Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear president Trump. Had a flash today. You are afraid. Almost everything and everyone scares you. Most bullies are afraid. So you cover it up with boasting and bravado, lies and exaggerations. You need the constant feedback of how wonderful you are. If subordinates don’t praise you they’re fired. If the press doesn’t fawn over you they are fake news. You seem to be living life as if it were some game theory exercise. Push, push, push. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Always seek the advantage. Make sure to stomp on people when they’re down… to keep them down. Always manipulate people to keep them off balance and gain the advantage. Actually, you play the game well. Better than most. Problem is, it is a game… a manufactured theory and practice of keeping people off balance and vulnerable so you can manipulate them. Good game theory…. Horrible Christian practice. My sincere advice to you as a fellow struggling Christian. When you read your bible, concentrate on the teachings of Jesus. The Hebrew scriptures were his jumping off point… “ but I say unto you”… The apostle Paul never quotes Jesus… his words while full of love and grace for the most part, are his commentary on the faith and don’t always match the words of Jesus. I’m gettin too technical here. If you do truly want to change and grow in your faith and practice get a red letter edition of the bible. Concentrate on Jesus teachings and practice. It’s a good place to begin. As usual, God loves you and I’m trying. That love will ease your fears better than all the money and power in the world. 061418

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