Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear president Trump. You threatened countries that wanted to promote breast nursing over bottle formula from multi billion dollar formula companies. If they can afford any commercial formula many of the poorest water it down two to ten times to make it stretch. Not only are your racist attitudes and rants unleashing racial violence all over the country… you want to con money out of the poorest of the poor to feed the larders of your “Cows of Bashan” millionaire co-conspirators. I would ask if your greed and plundering know any bounds. But I already know the answer. You bring me to the brink of disgust… both with you and with myself. God loves you Mr. President. I really am trying. But the voices of starving and imprisoned children cry out for justice, compassion, generosity and love just as much as they cry out for food. And you offer them corporate profits. I have a hunch God is crying with the children more than he is laughing at your disgusting greed. 070818

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