Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. The question has been asked if “This” (assuming ‘this’ means our cruel and inhuman treatment of refugees) would be a problem if people simply obeyed our immigration laws. Government separating children from parents as a means of social control would still be a problem. Government putting children in cages and considering it moral, legal and “Christian” would still be a problem. Government using terror and intimidation would still be a problem. Leaders lying about how much they care about citizens while housing costs escalate, homelessness increases, and wages stagnate at unsurvivable levels would still continue. Denying U.S. Senators access to federal facilities still continues. Encouraging the use of firearms by citizens against citizens would still continue. The crass and immoral use of Christian scripture to control people for the profit and power of those in leadership positions would still continue. Our government’s brutal treatment of people desperate to enter this country is the problem. Our government’s propping up cruel and inhuman governments around the world, thus forcing their citizens to become refugees is the problem. Those who make it to our borders at great risk to themselves and their children are the victims of a system our country has developed and aided and abetted. Christ calls us to treat those victims with love, generosity, caring and at the very least human decency. Do you ever wonder if God is losing patience with us? I do. 061918.

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