Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear president Trump. There will be a day when Americans are the refugees, escaping murderous oppression, begging for a place to raise their families in safety. We will be pariahs, hounded from border to border, denied asylum, left to die and rot in the miasma of our own making. The once proud, generous and justice loving citizens of the U S of A will be shunned by people and countries of all other persuasions. We won’t be conquered. We will simply rot from the inside out in our greed and intolerance, our mysogyny and racism, our self righteousness and desire to bully others. I wager your Christian sycophants don’t tell you much about rulers that mistreat the most vulnerable members of society… the widows and orphans… the homeless and refugees… foreigners and strangers… They who worship power and money and personal jet planes and control over others… well let’s say it doesn’t end well. You who pit Israelis against Palestinians seeing it as a religious war while many Palestinians are Christian. Refugees have little energy for theological niceties when their children are starving. My fear, my enemy, is that God’s love may come in the form of making us a nation of refugees ourselves. That wicked divine sense of humor may come back to bite you, you know where. 062218.

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