Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear president Trump  It’s called a concentration camp. You take the people you consider evil and/or illegal, separate families, put them in cages and ship some of them off to an unknown fate that “does not concern you.” It’s used as a terror tactic to stir up fear against the targeted “evil” group, making them the scapegoat for everyone’s problems. Meanwhile you continue lying to your supporters about how much you love them, while you steal their money, make it impossible to find adequate housing and give them jobs that pay so little they are essentially indentured servants to your fellow “Cows of Bashan.”   You bully and alienate our allies and threaten war and reprisals against any who would oppose your stated goal of national, racial and religious superiority. You deny duly elected officials access to your “concentration camps”. You deport parents of undesirable families  while keeping their children as incarcerated hostages. Next, if the scenario plays out historically, you will sanction armed thugs to root out undesirable citizens from our “superior” communities and either re-educate them or simply make them disappear. God, of course, has anointed your holy cause, and anointed you as God’s divinely appointed ruler on earth. The bible spins out several similar scenarios throughout history and my parents fought a war against a similar ugly set of ego-maniacal tyrants not long ago. I do not have faith that God will magically stop you.  I do have faith that within the discipline of loving my enemy, I will try. 061818. 

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