Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Bill Clinton just appeared on Colbert and urged people to support your negotiations with North Korea.  He outlined the benefits for everyone of reduced threat of nuclear war, better relations with other countries and a safer and more prosperous North Korea.  The hard part about declaring someone your enemy, or being declared an enemy, is that in the real world there are many times you pray for your enemy to succeed.   Loving you does not mean liking you or simply controlling my desire to punish you.  Loving you means wanting the very best of God’s blessing and guidance upon you.  Loving you requires a spiritual toughness and grace that eludes me most of the time.  Too often, I want you to fail miserably.  I want you to suffer for all the evils your actions bring to the most vulnerable of our citizens.  I want you punished.  Thank God, that in grace and forgiveness, God wants you to succeed and grow and mature and give leadership that is just, and generous and humble and loving.  If God wants it.  I do too.  And so I pray.   060618.

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