Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. I know you admire the Russians. The Russian I admire most is Alexander Solzhenitsyn.  You should read him some time.  Read “The Gulag Archipelago.”  It was either volume 1 or 2 in which he stated, “the line between good and evil runs down the middle of every human heart… and we are loathe to tear out a part of our own hearts.”  In 68 years I have discovered for myself the truth of his wisdom.  We are both good and evil in our hearts… our innermost beings. Perhaps that is why God loves us in spite of all the horrible things we do…  God sees the good we are and wants to encourage it, make it grow, mature. Solzhenitsyn also says “Pride grows on the human heart like lard on a pig.”  I know this too well from personal experience.  I fear you do too.  We are both afraid to face it… to let it be forgiven… to move on and do better.  As you face the challenges of being President. As we both fall victim to the temptations to lash out, blame others, fear those who are different, denigrate and make fun of those ‘animals’… I pray we can find the strength to accept forgiveness… that we can tear out the evil from our hearts… rend the lard of pride… and do better.  Please. 060118

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