Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  You’re not the first to decry fake news.  God’s true prophets contended with false prophets spreading fake news about God’s will for Israel.  These ‘in house’ prophets were kinda the ‘Fox News’ of the day.  They predicted smooth sailing and success for the king.  Jeremiah proclaimed the word from God was judgement.  He preached a kind of ‘Turn or Burn’ prophecy to the king.  I know you have ‘Christian’ advisers telling you all is well… you are the great answer to their prayers… you are the righteous arm of God so long as you do their will.  They whisper in your ear that other Christians are really ‘fake’ Christians. In Jeremiah’s case… the results were catastrophic.  The armies of King Nebachadnezzar leveled Jerusalem.  He took the King of Israel and much of the population into exile in Babylon.  Jeremiah, it was rumored, was taken by friends, kicking and screaming into the relative safety of Egypt. May I introduce a new word into your vocabulary… discernment.  It’s the ability to see through fake news, regardless of it’s source, and act with love and compassion, justice and rightness.  May God grant you superior discernment.  May God teach you what is really ‘fake news’ in the Realm of God.  May you ‘discern’ the truth rather than hide behind accusations of ‘fakenews’ whenever you hear something you do not like.  God loves you.  God is watching you.  And God is lamenting the ‘fake news’ prophets you have surrounded yourself with.  They will eventually reap what they sow.  And so will we.  052518.

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