Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Have you been out-bullied by a smaller bully?  Your reputation is that you are the master of high stakes negotiation.  My goodness, you even wrote “The Art of the Deal.” When talking tough, your new advisor, John Bolton, talked about striking North Korea first and following the “Libya” model of forcing the turnover of all nuclear assets for promises of prosperity. Even Kim Jong-Un knows how that turned out for the Libyans.  More and more it sounds like you are a ‘tin-pot’ businessman trying to be an American dictator. Of course, some of us Americans like dictators.  They give us a sense of security…until they don’t.  Ask one of the ‘Christian’ leaders who pander to you for crumbs under your table.  Ask them about King Nedachadnezzar.  God was distressed by the way Nebachadnezzar treated his people and ignored the one true God.  So, God punished the king.  God “gave him the mind of an animal.”  He “ate grass like the oxen.”  His hair grew as long as eagles’ feathers and his nails became like birds’ claws. After 7 years Nebachadnezzar’s “reason” returned to him and he blessed God.  He promised to follow God’s ways of ‘truth’ and ‘justice.’  He promised to bring low “those who walk in pride.”  Dear enemy of mine, may you as a leader of the known world not have to suffer like Nebachadnezzar before your ‘reason’ returns to you. May  you follow God’s ways of truth and justice.  May you bring low those who walk in pride.  I do pray.  052418.

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