Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear president Trump

It’s getting harder and harder to love you.  I never did like you, but Jesus never said anything about liking your enemies. I feel deep sorrow for those Americans who believed your promises and slowly begin to realize how much of a greedy bully you are. You are being unmasked at last. Despite your claims to the contrary, you are just another greedy self-serving politician. You may have drained the swamp… but you’ve turned it into a cesspool. And you are the King Rat. Inflation up. Medical costs, if available at all, up. Killings of children, up. Food costs, up. Gasoline costs, up. Education costs, up.  Payments to prostitutes, up. Racism, up. Religious freedom for all Americans, down. Respect for America overseas, down. Help for the poor, the young, the disabled and retirees, down.  Integrity of the FBI and the Justice Department, down and compromised. The Veterans Administration, more of a mess than ever. Your wealth, up. The wealth of all the other 1% of the Cows of Bashan, up. 40% of Americans now unable to pay minimal living expenses. Even God hides her face in shame as you call human beings animals.  It’s classic. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. And you want us to thank you for it. God forgives you.  That’s the promise.  But will you be able to be honest enough with yourself the nation and God to sincerely accept that forgiveness. Meanwhile, the cesspool in D.C. rots , the people cry out for ‘Justice for All” and you play golf and can’t find anyone better to blame than Hilary?   Sad. 052218

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