Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  I try to teach people to listen well, think critically and ask the right questions.  I also teach them to act always with God’s love and grace. Yes, as you and I both know, we aim high and are constantly in need of forgiveness.  Thank God that forgiveness is always available.  But as I listened to your comment on immigrants as ‘animals’ it was in the context of immigrants coming in to America, getting booted out, and coming back in.  You were very clear about that because you emphasized what a bad border policy that was. When you later back-tracked your statement you said it applied only to notorious gang members.  Let me get this straight, it is your policy to catch violent gang members and simply release these ‘animals’ back across the border, only to return.  I’m pretty sure President Obama prosecuted gang members rather than release them. Or were you simply lying to cover up your crude, racist, demeaning generalization?  I am left to ask, are you soft on gang crime, or stupidly trying to cover up your unchristian remarks?  Either way, God loves you and forgives you.  It’s up to you to humble yourself enough to admit you need that forgiveness. God knows I am trying to love you… and God forgive me, it is so very hard.  051818.

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