Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. You suffer from an illusion shared by many of the Cows of Bashan. You think all your problems can be solved if you can only find the right attorney. Obviously, you have been hiring and discarding so many of them lately that you also suffer from this modern American malady. Given your past behavior and practice, you may even assume, as many of the one percent do, that everyone has an attorney. Would it be a surprise for you to know that a large percentage of Americans don’t have attorneys. They have never even sought the services of attorneys. They tend to trust God and their own moral compasses to keep them from needing attorneys. They try to obey the law and do right by their neighbors and in their business relationships. We do our best to avoid getting into moral and legal, even political swamps. When even FOX tv commentators say, “How can you drain the swamp if you’re the one who keeps muddying the waters?”….It may take more than attorneys to help you. It may even take what we in the trade used to call a “come to Jesus” moment.
You know that I have a very, very hard time trying to love you. I have had my share of “let’s take a little walk” moments with my higher power. They are often unpleasant but always loving… frequently shot through with laughs and guffaws when God is laughing at me. Please let me offer some ‘loving’ advice. Spend a little less time spending money on magical attorneys and a lot more time on your knees learning to love the ‘least of these.” 050518.

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