Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. I apologize for not being around to encourage you these last few days.  Like you, many of us are busy night and day just with the task living. Like you, we do our best for those we love both near and far.  Our Lord however, commands us to do even more. Feed the hungry.  Welcome the stranger. Clothe the naked. Visit those in prison. Care for the sick.  And the one that haunts me, love my enemy.  I know you and the Cows of Bashan have convinced yourselves that the richer you are the better off everyone is.  Jesus and the prophets observed the same phenomena in their day.  They saved their special wrath for those who made themselves richer on the labor of the poor and told the poor they should be thankful.  The command is not to make yourselves rich so the poor can eat the scraps from under your table.  The command is to feed the poor. Clothe them. Care for them. Forgive them their sins as your sins are forgiven.  I could go on… but I’m sure your Christian advisors remind you of Christ’s commands every time they meet with you.  We are all praying for you.  We want you to promote peace and justice for everyone everywhere.  Our prayers especially go with you in your negotiations with the Koreas and in the middle east.  But remember those sick and starving in the Americas, Africa and Asia… indeed all over the world.  Please do your best for them… It’s what I believe really makes America Great.  God be with you and guide you.  042518.

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