Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Well it’s official.  I have been declared a progressive/communist in response to my posts to you.  Not sure what a progressive/communist is.  Always considered myself a reactionary Rockefeller Republican.  I was even a Republican Precinct Committee person for a while back in the early ‘80’s.  We were trying to keep rabidly conservative folks from taking over the local Republican party machinery.  We failed. Since then I have soured on the idea of societal redemption through partisan political means. It’s a sucker’s game.  I used to revel in my superior understanding until I realized it’s the game Jesus played and plays.  Jesus knew challenging the religious and political powers of his day was a sucker’s game.  He was going to lose.  It’s why many of us wish he had been a classic revolutionary… you know, overthrow the system, change the way we do things, drain the swamp.  It’s also why I cringed every time I read the part that says, ‘Love your enemy.’  “Do good to those who persecute you.’  What kind of a leader wants good done to his enemies rather than throw threats and missiles and insults at them?  Who, in his or her right mind really turns the other cheek rather than use the system to crush enemies, bankrupt them or silence them?  Who welcomes the stranger, feeds and clothes them, even cares for them in prison rather than deport them, starve them, lock them up and build a wall to protect yourself from them??? Oh yeah… that’s your Lord.  041918

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