Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. I’ve been reading past comments of Christian leaders concerning you.  They condemn Stephanie Clifford as a whore, but praise you as authentic, even in your peccadilloes.  They crucify Hilary Clinton but excuse your adultery, your racism, your bigotry, your cruelty because you are ‘with them.’  But the one I like best is those who tacitly accept your sexual sins by encouraging us all to give the President a ‘mulligan.’  I knew it.  It had to come.  Even evangelicals have crossed over from faith to golf.  We in the ministry, in our pride and arrogance, used to slyly condemn those who played golf instead of going to church.  Now, the strictest among us who claim that forgiveness and salvation are only through Jesus, fall back on a golf term that says cheating is OK among friends.  A Mulligan????  What happened to conviction of sin, repentance and forgiveness and reconciliation? You have corrupted your staunchest and most conservative religious supporters.  They admit you have sinned yet cannot apply their own sacred standards and judgement to your behavior.  Here I am trying to love you and yammering about grace and love and putting faith into action… what a fool I am.  I could just give you a ‘mulligan.’  Is that love? Or is it a selfish cop-out that lets both you and me avoid God’s tougher commandments? If my faith depended on the lack of integrity of so many duplicitous and despicable Christians that make excuses for you…. I would join so many of the younger generation who have said with their hearts and minds and feet… get behind me Satan.  041818.

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