Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  I find myself suffering from love/hate fatigue.  Part of it is you.  You say and do so many things that I believe Christ would find evil and abhorrent.  Part of it is me.  In my indolence and fatigue, I am paralyzed in my despair and the futility of my words and actions.  And still, God calls me to love you.  Many of my conservative and fundamentalist friends emphasize the joy and comfort and ecstasy of being a Christian.  I find it challenging and deeply rewarding at best…. depressing, exhausting and frustrating at the least.  Your leadership or lack thereof tears at my soul.  And yet, God loves you.  For all your meanness… for all your bullying, lying, cheating contractors and racist rants, God still loves you.  In spite of incompetence masked by bravado, stupidity covered by platitudes and mind-numbing greed masquerading as patriotism, God loves you.  But I am equally convinced God does not approve of much of what you do or how you do it.  And so, like many of the Hebrew prophets and even Jesus himself, I find myself loving the land and the people. It’s you and those like you I find hard to ‘love.’  I pray for your true conversion, not that sham foisted upon you by religious charlatans who seek their own power and riches.  I pray you care for all people, as Jesus would.  Besides praying for you I promise two other things.  I will continue to encourage you to more closely follow the teachings of Jesus in your life. I will do the same thing in my own life.  04 04 18

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