Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. I was fascinated and alarmed when you proposed an old and tired and vulgar response to our continuing drug abuse problem in America.  “Kill the drug dealers.”  Of course, it ignores the capitalist reality that where there is demand, there will be supply.  Killing drug dealers simply breeds new, more cautious and ruthless drug dealers.  But let’s assume for the minute that you have a new insight into killing drug dealers.  Do we start at the bottom with users who sell enough to stay high.  Or middle management.  Or, for a change let’s start at the top.  The city of Everett, Washington just filed suit against Purdue Pharma for dealing drugs and knowingly allowing OxyContin to be funneled through the black market causing the current opioid crisis in Everett.  So, if the major drug manufacturers knowingly allow their overproduced drugs to enter the black market… it appears to this former prosecutor that they meet the definition of dealers.  Should we start by killing the directors of Purdue Pharma… maybe then move on to Merck, Pfizer and Lilly?  So long as you see drug dealers and users as the hated evil others that infest and infect society then killing them seems easy, even righteous.  But when they are the rich, sophisticated, society leading 1%, it’s a different story.  People like them and you need to be protected from people like…. them and you.  As a Christian, you should know your God forgives all people.  God loves sinners and saints equally.  God wants them to follow “The Way” set forth by Moses and the Prophets and Jesus.  Our task is not to kill them… but to show them a better way….  Preachy????  Yes.  But better than killing the captains of industry… or their victims.  031718.

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