Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. “liar, liar, pants on fire…”  It’s an old taunt we learned as children.  It was meant to embarrass and shame those who were obviously lying.  Thanks so much for supporting the young people in Parkland, Florida and promising to work for gun control.  But you lied.  After the NRA talked with you… you backtracked on all your promises to the children.  You lied.  Not for the first time.  Not for the last.  Dear enemy.  Instead of learning to love you more… I find myself loving you less.  Fear and Anger destroy even the desire for compassion, understanding and good will towards you.  That’s why you are such an effective bully.  We are learning slowly that you are a great promiser but a poor deliverer. You lie when it suits you.  You make promises you never intend to honor.  And you do all this in the name of manipulating people so you can win.  I salute your ability to convince others that you have their best interests at heart… even as you actions prove you a classic wolf in sheep’s clothing.  That’s another cautionary tale we learned as children.  But you have given it a unique twist.  You brazenly claim to be a wolf in wolf’s clothing leading other American wolves…. and Jesus’ lambs from Parkland and Sandy Hook are led to the slaughter. Are your pants burning yet???  031318.

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