Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  As usual, you engender mixed feelings amongst many of us.  Against the advice of your Secretary of State, you agree to negotiate with Kim Jung Un.  In one brash statement you make him your equal on the world stage. Congratulations.  As Christians, you and I are called to treat everyone as equals with respect and grace.  As you know, it is especially difficult to do with people we do not like or those we have insulted, denigrated or condemned in the past.  Unless, of course, we consider it all a game to be won using any tricks, lies, slanders, bribes and bullying at our disposal.  I know you consider yourself a master of the ‘art of the deal.’  My fear, dear enemy, is that you think you are more savvy and skilled at ‘the game’ or ‘the deal’ than anyone else.  Obviously, your becoming President against tremendous odds proves your point.  But beware… many in the world are not as gullible, self-righteous, nor blind to reality as we Americans.  In my early years we were known merely as the ‘Ugly Americans.’  Currently, I think my epithet, “Cow of Bashan” better describes our national desire to rule and rape the world. We claim moral superiority while we hire others to do our wet and dirty work.  We give money to the rich 1% while claiming to help the poor.  We condemn violence as mental illness while cutting mental health programs and protecting the rights of the mentally ill to purchase weapons.  We pretend to care for ‘the least of these’ while gutting protections for disabled Americans.  In a word, dear enemy, we stink.  Our stench reaches to heaven.  While many Americans choose to be blind to the truth… God knows… It is not the North Koreans I am afraid of.  I fear a God who loves all the people of the earth, and sees us increasingly as their oppressor.  Pray for us.  Your gamesmanship may not be enough to save us

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