Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. What a joy it was to hear you talk of responsible gun legislation.  What a sadness to have the NRA announce you were simply telling white lies, whatever they are. Family issues are always the most difficult.  Your son-in-law has, shall we say, made some bad choices.  Your wife appears to ignore you in public.  Your mistresses (dare we call them that) aren’t being as quiet as you would demand.  And members of your larger Christian family are questioning whether your actions really do reflect your pious pronouncements. The miracle you and I experience, even as enemies, is God’s infinite love.  Whether you accept it or not… God forgives you.  What we both need day by day,.. is the humility to admit we are human and need forgiveness… day by day.    I pray for you.  I pray for our nation.  I pray for our world as you play “The Apprentice” with real lives and real bombs and no commercial breaks.  The Swamp is refilling quickly.  And you can’t hand this one off to Arnold Schwarzenegger.  030318.

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