Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Problems in our schools??? Why not hire and arm homeless veterans.  Let them have the job.  Previous experience built in.  Obviously, you have never confronted an active shooter situation.  The last person I want guarding my school age grandchildren is a teacher with a gun, more willing to give up his or her life as a shield for students than take on a crazed attacker single handed. When King David went to war to defeat his  enemies, he didn’t arm the priests and scribes and send them into battle.  He sent his own troops or mercenaries.  And if your idea of protection against an assault rifle is David’s sling-shot… you truly are more stupid than Goliath, who like you, overestimated his abilities.  Actually, the plan to arm teachers sounds more like a Betsy Devos plot to eliminate the bravest and most committed teachers in our public school systems by sending them out as cannon fodder to face committed mass murders.  Ronald Reagan was surrounded by highly trained, well armed secret service agents and police, and was still shot by one stupid love sick kid with a cheap pistol.  Or why not train child soldiers.  Arm the kids and train them to shoot straight and kill.  Make it part of a well rounded American education, in the Spartan tradition.  Which brings up another risk you take.  By encouraging ownership of assault weapons for all… at some point the people you fear and don’t like will take up arms.  Your ‘guns for all’ philosophy may well come true. At that point, far from feeling more secure, we may all be praying for a miracle that the ‘crazies’ don’t come for each of us.  Then you may have to decide whether to pray to the NRA to protect you, or to a more benevolent God. As for me and mine… we will trust the Lord.  022218.


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