Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dpt. Brilliant. Just brilliant. You have conned God. You have us chasing our tails condemning you for doing and being what you have already proudly said you were. You have turned vice into virtue. You revel in the hypocrisy that your base loves ( wink wink nod nod…) And that focuses your enemies on the non-essentials (your outrageousness) while finding willing shills (unprincipled, greedy, power hungry “pragmatists”) to do your dirty work for a fee. The coin of the realm is not Jesus or Making America Great Again. It’s that age old trio, money, sex and power. I have to admire your game plan. Be a self righteous bully, make bullying popular again, divert your enemies attention onto your bullying and get others to raid the cookie jar for you. Then take the profits, screw your supposed allies and find another wife or playmate. We chase our morally outraged tails, never address the expressed needs, dreams and desires of your loyal base, and look like cry-babies complaining about the unfairness of you winning the game by breaking the rules better than we can. Everyone knows its a dirty game. You position yourself as the little boy who announced the obvious… the American political empire has no clothes. It’s a swamp… and you are draining it. The fact that you are re-populating it with sewer rats worse than the ones you drained is irrelevant. They are our sewer rats now. Not the old guard. And they promise to make our lives better than the old rats did. Brilliant. We chase our morally outraged tails while you expose moral outrage for the sham it usually is. You use God to expose the sins we all have but are afraid to confess. But you take the moral high ground of already having confessed your sins and are therefore redeemed. You get Christian leaders to anoint your conversion. You offer lip-service to their pet projects. You inflate their egos and voila… they are yours. You have in essence pulled their greatest con job in history. You have conned God. I wonder, in the end, how God will react. To paraphrase an old song “you don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. You don’t pull the mask off the old lone ranger…. and you don’t mess around with God.”

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