Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  The social contract of ‘from many, one’ now threatens too many fearful people. We no longer trust one another as Americans… so we devolve into fierce tribal loyalties…. I don’t see a national unity in our near future.  I see you as an amazing puppet master turning Americans against each other.  You say, Make America Great.  But you mean, Make the Rich, Richer and the poor will be labeled leeches, deadbeats, sinners, malingerers, and that popular catch-all…. OTHER.  You talk a great game… better than most.  You make us great by telling us how much we should hate others both within our own country and especially… the vile, hated foreigners.  I really think you are a brilliant manipulator of people.   But, my enemy, experience tells me the words that come from your serpent tongue do not match your actions.  One example.  You and your crones call Medicare a dreaded entitlement program.  Your words say you want to protect the elderly and retirees.  But your budget actions cut Medicare, which is not an entitlement but an investment we have paid into.  To quote a congressman listening to President Obama, ‘You lie.’  But you do it so well… You weave half-truths with threads of racism, sexism, greed and self-interest.  Gotta admire your political skill.  I conclude we must rebuild trust from the ground up. It begins with God forgiving both of us.  It begins with a change of heart and actions on both our parts.  The mistrust and anger and fear run deep.  Deeper than you realize.  “God bless us everyone…”021918


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